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Racquetball is both a recreational and competitive game. But whether
you are playing just for fun with some friends on a Sunday morning, or your fellow
club players during the week, or in a weekend tournament, it is always important
to be safe, as well as know Racquetball etiquette. Here are some things to remember
to do before and during play:

Stretch before you play.

Wear safety glasses when on the court.

Check your equipment.

Cross train - lift weights, jog, play another sport.

Watch where the ball is at all times when playing.

Eat right - don't eat a large meal before playing.

Be aware of and pay attention to the safety line during play.

Avoid dehydration and cramps - drink plenty of water before and during play.

Know the rules of the game.

Always knock BEFORE entering a court. Players could still be playing!

Know what a Hinder is.

Be courteous of other players. Show respect!

Do NOT run into another player. Always stop. Don't swing if a player is in your way.

Be honest! If you didn't get it, say so. You'll probably get the next one.

Compliment your opponents when they hit a good shot or make a good play.

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